Freelance Contractors’ Business Thriving

Freelance Contractors’ Business Thriving

One of the biggest myths about the freelance industry has been the notion that freelancers do not have income stability. Freelance contractors have been seen as vulnerable to some kind of income draught, even though it never seems to come. The whole logic is flawed and based on the theory that every bubble has to burst at some point of time. It couldn’t be farther from truth. As any contractor accountancy in London will attest to, there is no shortage of work and income for freelance contractors. It has only been confirmed by a recent study conducted by IPSE and Elance-UpWork. The survey took into consideration the views of more than a thousand freelance contractors and concluded that they were all very positive about their future possibilities. None of them were concerned about losing a significant portion of their business anytime soon.

Freelancer contractors were earning 20% more than employed professionals. A very healthy portion of freelancers had a steady stream of income. It’s probably not a shock for anyone who’s in the know about the industry. Because this is indeed a very good time to be a freelance contractor. And there is no shortage of people ready and available to assist you in your ventures. There are more than a few specialist contractor accountants in London, who have made a business out of handling money for freelancer contractors. That gives a peace of mind to any aspiring freelancers and inspires them to be more ambitious. Because you always know that if you ever decide to go down that road in your career, you’ll have no shortage of either opportunities or the personnel required to keep things simple at your end.

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