How to Avoid Communication Problems with your Bookkeeper

How to Avoid Communication Problems with your Bookkeeper

When dealing with professional bookkeepers, many contractors d not act very smart and do some strange things that hurt their business. Many of the top accountants for contractors in the UK employ a number of people with strong bookkeeping skills.

It’s important to remember that there will always be some things that only your bookkeeper will understand and you’ll never be able to grasp. They are not meant for the average businessman, no matter how educated you may be. The professionals are trained in that very subject.

So, there are some things that you can incorporate in your future interactions with your bookkeeper in order to avoid poor communication:

1. Make every request in writing: The bookkeepers’ job is a very specific one and unless every demand is documented well enough, there could be a number of misinterpretations and similar problems. Clients usually make many of their requests over the phone or verbally in person, and sometimes the instructions are not followed. That is why it is a smart idea to keep a clean and clear record of every single discussion so that everyone knows what went wrong, if something’s amiss.

2. Bookkeepers are just like any other employees (only smarter!). They need to be carefully managed. Their growth is directly proportional to your growth, and you cannot afford to have an unsatisfied employee working on such sensitive data as your taxes. Make sure that they are always well-paid, with industry level contracts, and they have a good relationship with your hierarchy, in order to collaborate with your team effectively.  The most effective contractor accountant agencies in London insist on working very closely with their clients at all stages of the relationship in order to operate as smoothly as possible.

3. Your bookkeeper’s performance is strongly linked with your abilities as a business owner. The bookkeepers need to be evaluated, reviewed, and rated at regular intervals. The most important thing is to make them feel important. You need to discuss their achievements and failures at length to get more ideas for improvement. They need to be given honest feedback that paints the full picture for them. And all of this should not be yearly matters, it should be a regular occurrence, making sure the bookkeeper is getting everything possible from your side that can help them improve, is the key to get them motivated and inspired to perform.

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