Preparing accounts, for internal and external reporting purposes, is our core discipline. This process can begin from a bag of invoices and bank statements, or fully reconciled computerised data being e-mailed to one of our technicians, or anywhere in between.

Although the primary aim of such statutory accounts is to report the performance and financial position to the stakeholders of a business,
we shall also advise you on the following other factors:

  • The resulting taxation consequences,
  • The view the accounts present to bankers, potential investors, credit rating agencies, your competition,
  • P60s (person’s end of year earnings and tax summary).
  • Industry standards for the accounting policies followed to prepare these statutory accounts.

At Accountantforcontractor we take away burden from our clients and we produce the statutory accounts for filing within 2- 4 months of the year end i.e. well before the due date so clients will never have to pay any fines or penalties due to late filing