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Ongoing VAT

Ongoing VAT tends to tie in with our on-site or off-site bookkeeping. However, we do process VAT
returns for clients who maintain their own accounting records.

Registering for VAT

  • “Should I register for VAT?”
  • “Must I register for VAT?”
  • “May I register for VAT?”
  • “If so, when?”
  • “What can I claim? Can I claim it on my car? On my petrol receipts?”
  • “From when can I claim it?”
  • “What are my options”?
  • “Is it Flat rate or Cash accounting or Standard rate or Exempt or Zero rated”

The answer to all these questions is “it depends”. VAT is an incredibly complicated affair. It is bound by EU directives and regulations dating back to the 1970s and has been altered many times. Primary legislation (the VAT Act 1994) is often unhelpful in answering many of the questions above.

What is needed is an appreciation of case law and decisions, together with general experience.

It is strongly suggested to new or existing clients that they speak to us. If we don’t know the answer immediately we can find out.

Deregistering for VAT

De-registering for VAT requires careful planning. We strongly recommend that any de-registration is performed through us in order to avoid an unexpected charge. From experience these are easily missed by those without regular experience of this.

We tailor payroll solutions to our clients needs. Some prefer weekly security payslips, others need payslips or P60s (person’s end of year earnings and tax summary) on an ad-hoc basis. Every organisation needs to submit an annual P35 – the form summarising all the tax and national insurance for everybody in the organisation for the entire tax year.

Occasionally clients or HMRC make administrative errors. Resolving these issues are part of our service.
Our company is particularly strong in these areas – including the technical areas such as statutory maternity pay, occupational pension schemes, statutory sick pay. The turnaround times exceed client expectations. Our prices for running the clients’ payrolls are extremely competitive.