It is not uncommon for freelancers to wish to open limited company when they want to take the next step in their career. But when doing this, they face a number of problems from the documentation complications to the hassle of going through all the formalities. We assist our clients in smoothly making their way into a company with express company formation.

Express formation: We specialize in forming a new company in less than a day, saving our clients valuable time and money. So you can get started right away. All the documentation will be done as quickly as possible.

Complete Paperwork: We take care of all the paperwork submission and formalities required including the Certificate of Incorporation etc.

Stress-free process: It is a very straightforward process that does not even require you to be present with us. You only have to provide us with some information that can be done over the phone. This means minimum hassle for you and you are good to go!

Tax complications: After having detailed discussions, if you want, we can set up PAYE and VAT for you and ensure compliance with all the HMRC guidelines in keeping with the highest standards of security.

Bank account: You’ll need a bank account for your company once it is formed. We can help you with that if you require any help. We can also recommend you banks as per your personal preferences.